Better health, at home.

From choice of materials to innovative heater technology, every Sun Stream infrared sauna is produced with your health in mind.

Infrared Sauna Auckland - The safest and best performing saunas on the market

Are you looking to buy an infrared sauna in Auckland? Sun Stream Infrared Saunas services New Zealand and offers FREE nationwide delivery to all major and regional destinations. View our sauna range to see the infrared saunas Auckland locals love.

Evolve Mini
1 Person
Our Sun Stream ‘Evolve Mini’ is small on footprint but huge on performance – the world’s most powerful sauna of its size!
Evolve 10
1 Person
The Evolve 10 provides a superior immersion in infrared radiant heat with our industry leading 360º infrared body coverage.
Evolve 20
2 Person
Boasting 25% more power (Watts) than most other 2 person saunas, the Evolve 20 features our industry first 360º infrared body coverage.
Evolve 30
3 Person
This is a true innovation for Infrared saunas, surrounding you with our 360º ultra low EMF & ELF heaters, for a faster & heavier sweat!
Supreme 2
2 Person
Our Supreme 2 home infrared sauna provides adequate room for two people or spacious room for one.
Supreme 4
4 Person
The movable bench system allows several different configurations providing adequate room for four people or spacious room for two.

Four reasons that make Sun Stream the first choice for infrared saunas in Auckland



Our innovative heater technology reduces EMF and ELF to industry low levels, making Sun Stream saunas safer than any other brand on the market.


Superior performance

The most complete body coverage of any sauna brand, our heater placement and 360º technology provides greater immersion in radiant heat.


Lifetime warranty

The Sun Stream range comes with a Residential Lifetime Warranty which includes the heaters, electronic control system, cabinet, and even the light bulbs.


Free delivery

We offer free delivery to most major metropolitan centres and regional locations. Please contact us to find out if our free delivery applies to your location.

Why choose an infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna emits a band of light we perceive as heat. Infrared is not only safe but also highly beneficial to our bodies on a cellular level. Health professionals have used infrared heat lamps for decades to treat muscle and joint problems. The health benefits can include:

  • Relief from aches, muscle pain and arthritis
  • Fever therapy for colds and Flus
  • Improved immune system
  • Detoxification
  • Improved blood circulation and oxidation
  • Aids weight loss
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Cardiovascular health and improved blood pressure

Not sure which sauna is right for you?

We know choosing a sauna can be a big decision, and something that can take a lot of time to research, that’s why we’re offering to do all the hard work for you.

Simply let us know which Sun Stream sauna you’re interested in and the competitor’s product you’d like to compare it against, and we’ll do our best to send you an impartial evaluation of the two models.

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Experience a Sun Stream Infrared Sauna in Auckland

Why not try before you buy? Simply contact one of the Auckland locations near you for an appointment.

The healthy infrared saunas Auckland
locals can rely on

With so many infrared sauna brands for sale on the market, it can be a confusing process shopping for an infrared sauna. We can help clear the confusion with our FREE brand comparison service. Just fill out our contact form with a short list of the models you are considering and take advantage of our 20 years of experience working with and designing therapeutically effective and safe infrared saunas. Auckland customers can click here to learn more.

With our home saunas Auckland locals can sweat their way to better health

Relax and get better with an infrared sauna in your Auckland home. Sweat out those cold and flu viruses, relieve yourself of the aches and pains of a hard day’s work, detox and boost your immune system. It has been known for decades that sweating is a wonderful way to get rid of stored chemicals. With one of Sun Stream’s home saunas, Auckland locals can sweat their way to better health.

Our immune systems are up against an arsenal of toxins that our ancestors never dreamt of: pesticides, heavy metals, PCBs in plastics, environmental pollution, and even GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Combining this with a poor diet consisting of processed food is a set-up for accumulated toxins and a potentially weakened immune system. Far infrared sauna treatments can give your body an extra push to eliminate these toxins. Specifically, this is achieved through sweating, which has been shown in several studies to increase detoxification and lower circulating levels of toxins in the body.

These are the infrared saunas Auckland locals love to come home to

It may not seem like it, but our immune system is attacked all year round, not just during cold and flu season. Whether it be from stress, lack of sleep, or even unhealthy eating, an infrared sauna can help your immune system beat them all. With Sun Stream’s far infrared saunas Auckland locals can enjoy a gentle, side-effect-free, effective mechanism for detoxification. Their waves penetrate deep into the human body, elevating the body’s surface temperature, activating circulation, sweating and excretion of toxins from the lymph and blood through the skin. The heat also increases your heart rate and encourages deeper breathing, which boosts the drainage process even further.

With all our stock held in Auckland, we can deliver in most cases within 2 – 3 days and approximately 5 – 7 days to Northland. To find out more about our range of saunas, Auckland locals can get in touch with our team today. Simply request our pricing, send us a message, or call us on 0800 218 020 to speak with on