cardiovascular sauna benefits gained from frequent commitments to sessions!

3 Main Far-infrared Sauna Cardiovascular Benefits

While sauna bathing has mainly been used strictly for relaxation and entertainment, it has recently picked up popularity, as new studies emerge confirming numerous health benefits that people are able to use as an alternative treatment therapy.

One of these therapies involves using a far-infrared (FIR) sauna to help treat cardiovascular diseases.

At SunStream Saunas, we value your health and wellness. Join us as we tackle these findings and explore far-infrared sauna cardiovascular benefits to help you achieve better heart health.

What is a Far-Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna uses infrared heating technology that emits light rays called far-infrared rays (FIR.)

While we cannot see the rays for ourselves, we can feel them in the form of heat, usually around 48-60°C. These wavelengths heat our body without relying on air to do the job, penetrating our skin cells as deep as 0.5-3 millimetres.

Infrared saunas are a healthier alternative for people who dislike traditional saunas since they are cheaper, warmer, and provide a more comfortable experience than traditional saunas.

What Cardiovascular Problems do Far-Infrared Saunas Help Treat?

While these wavelengths penetrate your skin and increase your body temperature, they also trigger a process called vasodilation, making your blood vessels more elastic to offload the excess heat circulating in your body.

This stimulates your heart to pump more oxygenated blood throughout your body, cranking your normal 60 to 100 beats per minute up to 120 or 150 beats per minute.

Due to this, infrared sessions emulate conditions similar to a light workout which makes it very popular among athletes and most add them to their post-workout routine. 

This physiological response can help treat a variety of cardiovascular health conditions such as:

  • Controlling blood pressure levels
  • Controlling cholesterol levels
  • Improving vascular endothelial function

High Blood Pressure

sauna cardiovascular benefits gained in lowering blood pressure

Using a far-infrared sauna has been scientifically proven to significantly lower blood pressure levels and can be used to treat health conditions involving high blood pressure like hypertension.

In a study published in 2019, a total of 102 participants, 42 males and 60 females aged 17-79 participated in a single 15-minute sauna session to see if sauna use can affect blood pressure levels.

The study came out positive and found that participants who underwent the sauna session had increased heart rates and a significant decrease in their systolic blood pressure (SBP) diastolic blood pressure (DBP), and body fluids.

Both SBP and DBP in high levels can over time increase the risk of cardiovascular health conditions like strokes, hypertension, and heart failure.

Thanks to this, sauna cardiovascular benefits, combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet can be incorporated into cardiovascular therapies to decrease the risk of hypertension.

High Blood Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that circulates in your blood to build cells and produce vitamins.

However, unhealthy levels of cholesterol can lead to a condition called high blood cholesterol, which exposes you to a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke. 

Luckily, can raise your cholesterol levels (HDL) to improve your total cholesterol by sweating it out.

According to Dr Adebola Dele-Michael, a dermatologist in New York City, you can purge out harmful toxins like cholesterol through an induced sweat, which infrared saunas excel at and are even stronger when combined with regular exercise.

Prevent Vascular Endothelial Dysfunction

The vascular endothelium refers to the inner lining of blood vessels that acts as a protective barrier between blood and tissues. 

Although it is a simple, single layer of cells, the vascular endothelium is considered an active organ that controls the relaxation and constriction of your blood vessel walls.

When these cells are damaged, they can result in a condition called endothelial dysfunction which severely increases your risk of manifesting a CVD.

In another study published in 2001, twenty patients with varying severity of congestive heart failure (CHF) were given a 15-minute 60°C dry sauna session once a day for two weeks.

The study found that repeated sauna sessions helped 17 out of 20 patients with CHF improve their vascular endothelial function – around 85% of the participants.

Key Takeaways – Sauna Cardiovascular Benefits

Regular far-infrared sauna sessions– when combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet– can undoubtedly pave the way to a healthier heart.

What better way to kickstart that journey than taking home an infrared sauna model for yourself? Contact us today and let us help you with the hard task of choosing a sauna model that calls out to you.

Our saunas are produced with your health in mind, which is why they’re loved by numerous doctors and health experts.