Infrared Sauna Weight Loss

Emulating some of the physical effects you might see post a typical session of exercise, infrared sauna weight loss functions secondary to the symptoms of high blood circulation, sweating and heart rate as mechanisms for the body’s need to cool itself down. Capitalising on these processes, in other words, is the adaptive secret to the infrared sauna, and using it to benefit your ability to manage weight.

Infrared Sauna Weight Loss

Promoting Weight Loss With Heat - How it Works

Humans radiate heat outwardly, dispelling its excess from raising our internal temperature beyond a range that our most important enzymes are able to metabolise most efficiently.

Speeding up important reactions in the human body, processes like the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats for energy, muscle and nerve performance and cellular respiration are all crucial life functions that enzymes help catalyse.

The human body understands that for these reactions to occur optimally, a stable environment between a consistent internal and variable external is necessary – and is the founding principle behind infrared sauna weight loss.

Whenever this internal environment senses an increase in temperature, regulatory reactions like vasodilation and a quickened heart rate are engaged to keep the body cooler. Blood flow is extended to the skin to reduce its heat on the body’s hot core, and heart rate increases to bolster the frequency this is accomplished at. Much like using the sauna for heart health or benefits of the sauna for skin health, capitalising on these heat-management processes allows for a range of alternative health benefits with a strong tie-in to weight loss.

The Heat Makes For A Great Calorie Drain

None of these reactions occur in passive isolation – increased blood circulation, by signalling the heart to pump harder, requires energy just like any other engaged activity. The increased effort burns within a range of 70-80 calories within the first 10 minutes, expending as much as 100-200 calories depending on factors like body type, its energy efficiency, metabolism etc.

Sweating, similarly, takes energy for your skin to generate, opting for immediately available fats and carbs for intermediate lengths of strain.

Facilitates Metabolism

Circulating bloodflow with an increased heart rate quickens the frequency at which key organs in the body receive nutrients and oxygen, the likes of iron and magnesium, to break down lipids and fat in the body for energy.


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