Infrared Sauna Weight Loss and Metabolic Syndrome

Infrared Sauna Weight Loss and Metabolic Syndrome: Addressing Multiple Factors

In recent times, the occurrence of metabolic syndrome has been increasing, resulting in dangerous health threats for many people around the world. Metabolic disorders comprise the formation of related conditions that include obesity, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and abnormal lipid levels, and this group of ailments is closely linked to the development of cardiovascular clinical manifestations and diabetes type II. When the quest for effective therapeutic approaches is on, infrared saunas are believed to contribute to the provision of metabolic disease solutions. At Sun Stream Saunas, we stand to provide insight into the inner workings behind the benefits of infrared sauna for weight loss and metabolic health.

In recent years, the prevalence of metabolic syndrome has been on the rise, posing significant health risks to individuals worldwide. Metabolic syndrome encompasses a cluster of conditions, including obesity, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and abnormal lipid levels, which increase the likelihood of developing serious health complications such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. 

What are infrared saunas?

Whereas traditional saunas rely on steam to generate heat on the surface, infrared saunas employ infrared light penetration in order to induce more sweating as attracting the heat to the deepest area (the muscle tissues, joints, or organs). This process also immobilises harmful substances from the body, the likes of toxins and metals, and also accelerates some physiological functions that can shape metabolic activities. The comfortable heat of infrared saunas brings you at a temperature that is close to the body’s core, causing increased heart rate and circulation similar to moderate-intensity workouts.

Infrared sauna: weight loss

For this comparison, the researchers at Binghamton University in New York did a trial in which body weight lost through the integration of infrared saunas was tested. The research, which was conducted in two phases, showed that the level of body fat decreased as the body temperature at the centre level increased. The subjects who stayed 30 minutes in the sauna 2 times per week – could decrease the amount of body fat on average up to 4 per cent over a period of 4 months. Following this line of logic – this means that it’s possible to lose about seven pounds in one month for a 175-pound person.

What is important to mention is that infrared sauna participants who took steps to lose weight during the course of the trial did not find the need to alter their regular exercise or diet routines. In the same vein, the weight-reduced group that was not exposed to infrared saunas had no significant weight reduction. Such conclusions outline the great potency of infrared rays in facilitating the targeting of fat deposits.

However, the bodies of evidence differ, and suggest that occasional saunas can contribute to gradual weight loss and waist circumference reduction to an extent.

Metabolic effects

Other than weight loss, infrared sauna treatment can also improve the body’s metabolic parameters which may lead to metabolic syndrome. As found in the National Library of Medicine, recurrent thermal therapy, like saunas or hot baths, enhances the perturbed insulin sensitivity and the expression of constitutive isoforms of nitric oxide synthase in endothelial cells. Such effects of such training are strikingly similar to those of aerobic exercise training and are predicted to have a positive effect on cardiovascular health. These changes in metabolism are significant in terms of alleviating the risk of insulin resistance and cardiac complications, which, in turn, are the metabolic components of the metabolic syndrome.

Addressing stress and inflammation

Secondly, infrared sauna therapy helps reduce the alienating stress and inflammation that most types of syndromes start with as a cause. Sauna exposure that creates heat triggers the discharge of dopamine, a hormone responsible for stress management and motor function. Sweat provoked by the sauna will promote the outflow of toxins and inflammatory markers, which in turn results in the amelioration of the low-grade systemic inflammation that is common among people with metabolic disease.

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