Benefits of the Sauna for Skin

The shine of a healthy sweat after a session in the sauna is one of the most salient signs that the heat has done its work. Though most users prioritise infrared sauna muscle recovery and cardiovascular benefits that focus on improving the body’s musculature and circulatory functions more efficiently, benefits of the sauna for your skin are an added bonus, refreshing the surface’s natural qualities of protection from stressors and self-cleaning properties.

Benefits of the Sauna for Skin

Infrared Sauna Skin Benefits - Cleansing and Bolstering

Functioning on the same axis as other IR sauna benefits, the founding principle of the body that propagates the sauna’s most significant benefits revolves around the maintenance of a core temperature, and its resulting responses to fluctuations by either consolidating or radiating heat.

Increasing the circulation of blood throughout the body spreads heat away from its core organs, sustaining an ideal working temperature range. Working in tandem, your body begins to produce sweat, and removes heat from the bloodstream as it radiates closer to the surface of the skin, turning it from liquid to vapour and evaporating the passing heat.

Flushing Bacteria and Contaminants From Your Pores

In the process of producing sweat to remove heat from the body, here, the body indirectly addresses grime and dirt that have accumulated on the skin’s surface.

The presence of salt and protective substances in your sweat, like lactate and potassium, work as the body’s natural exfoliants, removing superficial dirt and pollutants otherwise trapped within pores.

Delivering Nutrients To Your Skin

Just as our increased circulation of blood throughout the body drives much needed oxygen for processes of energy generation and waste removal, the increased rate to the surface of your skin delivers much needed nutrients in the repair and growth of cell tissue. The heat also stimulates fibroblasts in the dermal layer, promoting collagen production necessary for its structure and overall wellbeing.


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