How would gym members respond to infrared sauna benefits?

How an Infrared Sauna Benefits Your Gym Members

Infrared sauna benefits have grown in increasing scrutiny over the most recent years, with a level of research that many home enjoyers are taking advantage of. However, are they great for commercial use?

Absolutely. Not only are they a welcome surprise for your existing members, but infrared saunas can potentially make your gym a hotspot for wellness enthusiasts in your area.

Join Sun Stream Saunas in this article as we discuss how gym owners like you can benefit from installing an infrared sauna (or two) and expose your members to the numerous health advantages associated with their use.

Do infrared saunas belong in a gym?

Gyms have evolved over time as more than places where people could become physically fit, to health and wellness centres that can provide more than just the benefits of physical exercise.

Adding an infrared sauna to your gym is the next step to keep your place competitive. Gyms with dry saunas– like infrared saunas– have happier members since they can help their members recover quicker and minimise muscle soreness.

Benefits of having your gym members use an infrared sauna include:

For a complete list of benefits for gym-goers and athletes, check out our article here.


Compared to traditional saunas like steam baths which use convection heat like warm air, infrared saunas can penetrate your skin deeper, applying health benefits faster.

This makes them a welcome addition to any gym that prioritises their members’ recovery after a workout.

Here are three main benefits to having an infrared sauna in your gym:

Quick warmup time

While there’s a general misconception that infrared saunas take too long to warm up, that’s mostly exclusive for traditional saunas. 

Thanks to infrared heat, infrared saunas only take around 15 minutes for the heaters to reach their maximum operating temperature as opposed to the 30-40 minute wait on steam baths. This makes it very convenient for your gym members who don’t have the patience to wait a while after their workout. 

Low operating costs

Another common misconception you might have about infrared saunas is that they’re ridiculously expensive. Again, that only applies to traditional saunas.

Infrared saunas, while pricey upfront, are incredibly energy-efficient. As a gym owner, investing in infrared saunas can be a worthy trade-off to maximise their member retention efforts.

You can lower overhead costs (compared to going for a traditional sauna) while being socially responsible as a business.


With proper care, infrared saunas can last for many years even if used frequently.

Our sauna models in particular are made with 100 percent Canadian Hemlock wood. 

This type of wood is known for its durability, strong temperature resistance, and hypoallergenic properties. We also use safe and environmentally friendly lacquer and wood glue.

Are there any dangers associated with infrared sauna use?

While infrared saunas can give you numerous health benefits, there are still potential dangers when not done in moderation.

We recommend gym owners post a guideline with the following rules:

  • Keep gym members with a history of stable heart disease or mild heart failure from entering the infrared sauna.
  • Warn gym members not to push themselves beyond their comfort levels by staying only a maximum of 20-30 minutes inside the sauna.
  • Advise gym members to drink plenty of water before the sauna session to avoid dehydration.

Additionally, there are gym members who might prefer working out in a sauna. In that case, we recommend limiting their workout to only isometric exercises to avoid dehydration and putting their body under any more stress.

How Sun Stream Saunas can help you choose

If you’re a gym owner who wants to get a big mileage for your investment, feel free to browse our premium sauna models loved by wellness experts and top athletes.

We also know that choosing an infrared sauna can be hard since you have to check the actual size of the sauna and see if it can fit your gym. For such issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us help you pick a sauna model.