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Top 3 IR Sauna Benefits for New Mums

Becoming a new mum is an exciting journey filled with emotions and experiences, many of which can be either rewarding or challenging. Among these challenges are the physical and emotional adjustments that may lead to postpartum blues.  In fact, according to a study, out of 10,000 Australian mums, 95% of them experienced emotional health issues within six months of giving birth. This percentage comprises 70% of exhaustion and 25-43% experienced extreme symptoms of both anxiety and depression. We find the statistics above quite alarming, as many new mums need urgent support. While there are various systems and interventions available, IR sauna benefits are emerging as a potential avenue for supporting postpartum recovery. 

At Sun Stream Saunas, we understand that mothers are responsible for a whole host of obligations that can add routinised stress to their lifestyles. The likes of round-the-clock feeding, cleaning bottles and watching the baby carefully easily come to mind – all of which are simple to say, but require a substantial time sacrifice in your personal life. This is why our sauna booths are suited for active mums, as these models can be installed in your own comfort while enjoying IR sauna benefits. 

In this article, we will explore the top 3 IR sauna benefits for new mums, including self-care, mood support and weight loss. Understanding these potential benefits can positively empower new mums seeking a natural approach during their postpartum period. 

IR benefits for new mums

  • Me-time 

The feeling of being needed all the time is fulfilling – however, it can also be intensely demanding and exhausting. We believe that every parent needs to find “me-time” every now and then – and the 15-20 minutes( or 5-10 minutes for beginners) of your daily sauna session can be a time-efficient way of prioritising yourself day-to-day routine, without overtly taking away from your other priorities in life. Knowing how long you stay in an infrared sauna is crucial to your health, as this can help parents feel more rejuvenated and energised. 

  • Supporting Mood and Stress Management

A study has revealed that an IR sauna session can provide people with relief from stress and anxiety. A study carried out in 2019 revealed that people are using saunas to simply relax and de-stress since it is a quiet place to stay. 

  • H3: Muscle Relaxation

Sauna’s therapeutic benefits extend beyond mental recovery. Earlier research conducted in 2015 discovered that relaxation and reduction of stress are caused by inducing muscle relaxation through heat.- leaving the users feeling more relaxed and calm after they complete their sauna sessions. 

Moreover, studies have proven that infrared sauna can reduce the quantity of cortisol, which is a hormone our body synthesises when we are stressed.

  • Weight Loss

According to a study conducted in 2012, though normal, gestational weight gain can be one of the factors behind postpartum depression. This study was all about the link between increased weight of the mother and resultant postpartum depression (PPD) following their carrying to term. A survey was conducted on 238 new mothers who were asked about their feelings. These sentiments were measured as a function of psychology, both prior to and post-weight gain following pregnancy. 

The data demonstrated that weight loss was associated with a higher likelihood of PPD for pregnant women who are obese. Likewise, the research illustrated that other factors like a history of depression, support from the partner, and age could also lead to the onset of PPD.

Researchers believe that one of the many IR sauna benefits worth noting is in its detoxification effect that can lead to weight loss. 

Here’s how.

The accumulation of harmful metals and substances in the body comes from different sources such as food choices, environmental pollution, and waste products created by the body during metabolism. Toxin buildup interferes with normal body processes including its ability to break down complex compounds for energy leading to a decreased capacity to mobilise stores of fat for use.

As a result, incorporating infrared sauna sessions has the potential to eliminate toxins that may interfere with metabolism, primarily through the body’s function of sweat as its main means of dispersing heat. 

Incorporating IR sauna benefits into your journey as a new mum 

Encountering challenges and joy is always part of your journey as a new mum. However, it is also important to prioritise your well-being. Sun Stream Saunas recognises the demands of this chapter in life, and offers potential solutions that can contribute positively to your postpartum journey. 

But remember that individual needs may vary so it is still advised to consult with your healthcare provider before incorporating new treatments, especially during the delicate postpartum period. 

Contact us today to learn more about infrared sauna benefits that can enhance your well-being as a new mum.