understanding the benefits of infrared sauna use

Misconceptions On The Benefits of Infrared Sauna – Fact vs Fiction

Infrared saunas have captured interest and popularity amongst people for their health benefits. With many people jumping on the trend, you may question the hype – but amid the pool of common misinformation and misconceptions, infrared saunas host a background of evidence of their powerful health benefits. Sunstream Saunas is here to provide and deliver infrared saunas factual information, and clear the air about their tabloid myths. In this blog post, we dive into the common misconceptions about the variety of benefits of infrared sauna therapy and debunk the myths.

Understanding Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna is a modern wellbeing experience that uses the direct penetration of heat technology for your body in a process of conversion. This type of sauna session allows for an intense sauna session at lower temperature and longer durations while delivering the benefits of infrared sauna.

Uncovering The Myths

Due to the advanced heat technology of infrared saunas and the rapidly evolving trend of wellbeing, it is difficult to keep up and understand infrared saunas. Therefore, with proper research we can debunk the common misconceptions and myths together – what is fact or fiction?

Myth: Can I Have A Sauna In My Home?

Yes, you can have a sauna in your house, this is a fact! Over time, saunas have evolved from the traditional sauna sessions where you have to go to a bathhouse or spa place. Saunas were once a timeless luxury but saunas at home make it more accessible and affordable for everyone. Sun Stream Saunas provide a variety of these saunas for your home. Have a look at our Evolve Mini Infrared Sauna which is compact enough for tight and smaller homes!

Unleash the benefits of infrared sauna at home with the Evolve Mini Infrared Sauna.

Myth: Infrared Saunas Cures Cardiovascular Diseases

Infrared saunas are not going to get rid of serious cardiovascular diseases, this is a myth and may misinform users. This is a myth because cardiovascular diseases are quite complex and the treatment requires medication, lifestyle changes and sometimes even surgeries. However, Infrared saunas do deliver cardiovascular benefits – on this end, this is a fact! There are many benefits of infrared sauna and cardiovascular health is one of them! Proven research and experiments demonstrate that infrared saunas benefit heart health. The science behind this involves the heat and high temperatures causing sweat production and therefore improving body circulation. UCLA Health even states that saunas make a significant positive impact on blood pressure. Furthermore, this plays a role in stress relief and good cholesterol levels, therefore this may indirectly prevent stress-related heart diseases. 

Myth: Infrared Saunas Achieves Your Weight Loss Goals 

Using Infrared saunas to completely achieve your weight loss goals is a myth! Why is it a myth? Because losing weight is often a complex journey, and there are a multitude of factors to consider about an individual’s weight. Infrared saunas can aid your metabolism and burn calories from sweating to help you on your weightloss journey. Weight loss, though, requires regular sauna sessions as well as an individual’s peripheral dedication to losing weight. Despite the weight loss benefits, the infrared sauna is unable to be a total substitute for a weight loss diet or an exercise routine. Furthermore, everybody’s body reacts to their session in a subjective way, and it is not intended to prescribe specific health issues that have to do with body weight. It is advised that users should not place unrealistic expectations on the infrared sauna decreasing a large amount of weight in a short time frame.

Myth: Are All Infrared Saunas Equally Effective?

All infrared saunas being equally effective is a myth – this is found to be false! As a consumer, it is important to invest in a reputable sauna that is suitable for your needs and utilisation. There is a wide assortment of sauna alternatives to choose from and Sun Stream is a reputable brand that delivers these high-quality models. Every infrared sauna model has different sizing, features and add-ons that can help with achieving precise goals and purposes. Furthermore, it is necessary to consider the variety of features, the brand’s experience, materials used, quality, design, performance and costs before investing in an infrared sauna. 

Sauna Sessions With Sunstream Saunas

Ready to start your wellbeing journey with sauna sessions? At Sun Stream Saunas, we provide a variety of sauna models and are interested in offering everyone with the best wellbeing products with superior performance and design. Please contact us for any further inquiries and information on saunas and wellbeing treatments today.