The Ultimate Sauna Buying Guide

There is no better way to relax and de-stress than spending time in a sauna. There have been numerous scientific studies conducted to prove that saunas help improve your overall health and boost your immune system. The benefits of sauna usage have been no secret. In fact, people have been using and enjoying saunas for thousands of years!

If you’re interested in discovering your sauna system options, look no further than this post! We’ll discuss the differences between traditional and infrared saunas, special considerations before purchasing, the health benefits of sauna usage, and assist with product recommendations to best meet your needs.

Let’s jump into it!

What is the difference between traditional and infrared saunas?

Today, traditional saunas are marketed as “electric saunas.” Heat is electrically generated, and rocks inside the sauna are heated to around 93°C (or 200°F). Typically, steam is created by pouring water over the rocks inside the sauna. In order to have the best experience using this sauna method, you will need to stay inside with the door closed.

Infrared saunas also use electricity, but much less is needed than with a traditional sauna. These saunas use infrared light to heat your body directly. As a result, your core is quickly warmed and takes less time than is required with its traditional counterpart.

Infrared light has been shown to help with tissue healing, emotional well-being, and weight management, among many other benefits. It’s also great for relaxation because it promotes deep breathing and meditation.

  • A far-infrared sauna will warm you up from head to toe in one session—perfect if you’re looking for a quick detox and rejuvenating session.
  • At Sun Stream, we offer customers two different types of infrared technology: Far Infrared (FIR) and the Ultimate Full Spectrum experience featuring Near Infrared (NIR), and Red light therapy, to learn more visit our FAQ page here!

Special Considerations Prior To Purchasing

Before picking out your sauna, it is essential to take the time to evaluate several special considerations. Doing so will ensure you have selected the perfect sauna for you and your home.

  1. Determine which room you would like your sauna to be in. If space is limited, this is even more crucial. Know ahead of time your space requirements in order to rule out any models that may be too large for the space you can provide.

One benefit of infrared saunas is that they can be placed in any room that is provided with electricity. Traditional saunas typically require both water and electric hookups, significantly limiting the rooms they can be installed in.

  1. The desired materials and types of wood you would like your sauna to be constructed with. Some woods perform better than others, but cedar and Hemlock wood are the most widely used for infrared sauna manufacturing.

At Sun Stream, we are proud to provide our customers with 100% FSC Certified premium-grade Canadian Hemlock. This beautiful wood offers unparalleled strength and stability- an essential aspect of any wood that is repeatedly heated and cooled. It is also hypoallergenic friendly!

  1. A final step in determining the ideal sauna is to take special consideration of your budget. Saunas can vary in price depending on the size and technology included.

Today, there are saunas to meet and fit any budget, but knowing beforehand what you want to spend will help your wallet and time during the selection process.

Health Benefits of Using a Sauna

Briefly, we’ve discussed the health benefits of sauna treatments. Every day, more people are enjoying saunas in their homes and improving their lives. The sauna does not only help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, but they also boast profound health benefits such as:

  • Detoxifying your body.
  • Relaxing your mind and muscles.
  • Lose weight by increasing your metabolism, reducing inflammation, and improving circulation.
  • Improve your mood by reducing stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which research shows may be linked to depression, as well as heart disease.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • It helps to lower cholesterol levels in the body.

Where Should You Purchase Your Sauna From?

Now that you know the benefits of using a sauna regularly and have decided the size and room you want your sauna to be placed in, it’s time to choose where to purchase your sauna.

The first thing to remember when looking at different options is that many reputable sellers are online, but not all are created equal. Some very large companies sell saunas which can be found on Amazon or other major eCommerce sites. Still, there are better places to start shopping than these due to poor customer satisfaction ratings and abysmal customer service expertise.

When choosing where to shop for your sauna, consider an independent business like ours-Sun Stream! We’re dedicated to assisting customers in finding the perfect sauna that exceeds all their needs. Sun Stream is a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on the quality of its products and customer service.

Which Sauna Model Is The Right One For Me?

Sun Stream boasts six different infrared sauna models, plus the option to add-on the Ultimate Full spectrum experience. You are guaranteed to discover the perfect one for all of your needs. To help assist you with determining what might be the ideal sauna for you, here are some helpful ideas:

Our Best 2-Person Sauna: EVOLVE 20

Are you looking for a model that boasts all the best technology and allows you to share the experience with someone else while remaining affordable? Consider then our EVOLVE 20 model.

The EVOLVE 20 infrared sauna offers 360° infrared body coverage. While your body is enjoying and relaxing in this model, your mind can also rest easy knowing you’ll be using the industry’s lowest EF/ELF (electric field) and ultra-low EMF (electric magnetic field) technology. Sun Stream has paved the path to creating EMF-canceling carbon heaters.

This model is large enough for two people to share a sauna session together! You’ll also be able to adjust the intensity of the heat to allow you to customize your experience. Whether you are enjoying a post-workout or full-on sweat session, you’ll be able to adjust the intensity to best suit your needs.

Relax in comfort with the two sweat stain-resistant back covers while listening to your favorite music using this model’s Bluetooth speaker. You’ll also be able to adjust the lighting color and lumination levels using the high power 45 Watt LED light therapy device.

Our Most Loved Sauna: EVOLVE 30

The EVOLVE 30 is one of our store’s most popular models. This innovative model uses two nano-carbon heaters that provide a complete 360° infrared heating coverage. Once inside, you’ll be sweating quickly and reaping the benefits of sauna sessions in a fraction of the time compared to traditional sauna setups.

The incredibly low EF/ELF and ultra-low EMF heater technology allow you to reap all the benefits of infrared saunas without concerns of harm from the electric magnetic field.

The EVOLVE 30 is a stunning sauna that features a sleek glass front. It’s spacious- with enough room to lie down with the knees hyper-extended or share the experience with up to 3 others. Once inside, enjoy using the chromotherapy lights and control panel to create a truly customized experience.

Best Sauna For Individual Use: EVOLVE 10

Discover the ultimate model designed for a solo experience with the EVOLVE 10! You’ll have abundant room to relax and sweat in this model while still enjoying all the same features of the larger models!

Thanks to the 360° of surrounding heat, you’ll be able to sweat faster and more intensely. Don’t be fooled by this model’s smaller size. Despite not being as sizable as our other models, it is just as powerful in providing radiant heat. The EVOLVE 10 comes equipped with a large nano-carbon heater panel. With ultra-low EMF and near zero EF/ELF levels, you’ll be sweating in the industry’s most advanced technology.

If you’ll be purchasing your sauna for individual use only, selecting the EVOLVE 10 is a no-brainer. Enjoying all the benefits our larger models offer, but created for solo sauna sessions, is ideal if you live alone or have limited space available to accommodate your sauna.

Best Sauna for Shared Experiences: Supreme 4

The Supreme 4 is the most spacious model available. Designed to accommodate up to four people, this sauna comes with an exclusive modular system that allows you to create ideal seating arrangements based on your needs. This model is also spacious enough for two people to lie down comfortably inside!

Relax and reap the myriad benefits that come with spending time in a sauna with friends and loved ones. Together, you’ll enjoy the 180 LED Chromotherapy lights, listen to your favorite music, use the control panel to adjust the intensity, and enjoy the sweat stain-resistant backrests in comfort.

The Supreme 4 is also a delightful choice for those looking to have ample room to spread out and enjoy having lots of room during their sauna sessions. If you relish relaxing space, look no further than this model to best suit your needs. Inside, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out or put your feet up.

The Budget-Conscious Choice: EVOLVE Mini

Are you wanting to improve your life by incorporating regular sauna sessions but are worried about being able to purchase one? Rest assured, knowing saunas are available at a multitude of price points. If you want the most bang for your buck without sacrificing quality, then the EVOLVE Mini is the sauna for you. Its small footprint won’t take up much space in your home but will deliver incredible results. This one-person sauna is the most powerful on the market compared to its size. It is also Sun Stream’s most budget-conscious choice!

Don’t trick yourself into believing that spending less will make you feel you’re missing out on more. The EVOLVE Mini boasts all the same features our larger models are equipped with! With 360° infrared heat, Bluetooth Speakers, and a control panel to adjust the intensity to your liking- you’ll be sweating big time in no time!

A Luxurious Option for Solo or Dual Use: Supreme 2

While able to accommodate up to two people, the Supreme 2 is an excellent choice for those looking to have solo sessions in a spacious environment. Equipped with all the best features that our other models boast- you’re sure to be sweating and left feeling reinvigorated in the best possible way.

The Supreme 2 model has a movable bench, allowing you to adjust the seating to maximize your comfort. Unlike competitors on the market that use tall and slim heaters, this model uses our nano-carbon heaters that are positioned low on the walls. This ensures that the most significant amount of infrared heat and intensity will be focused on your body.

Enjoy your favorite tunes and relax by customizing the lights inside your sauna. Like all our models, you’ll be able to fully customize the intensity of the heat during your treatment session and be guaranteed to sweat heavily and quickly.

The Next Step!

Infrared saunas are a great way to keep your body happy and healthy. They are therapeutic, relaxing, detoxifying, and have many other benefits. Today, no sauna can outshine and outperform infrared saunas.

We hope this article has offered insight into the proper considerations and available models on the market. Our goal is for everyone to enjoy the ultimate sauna experience. If you’re considering purchasing a sauna, know which model you are interested in, or want to inquire more- don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re here to help! We can be reached via our contact page here, or call our toll-free number at 1800 316 962, or email us at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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